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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I park downtown?

    There is no free parking at the Downtown Library except on weekends and evenings. There are commercial paid lots around the building and parking meters. Fees at these lots vary. Meters run until 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and 12:30 p.m. on Saturdays.

  2. What are your hours?

    The Downtown Library is open Monday - Thursday 9-8, Friday and Saturday 9-6. Closed on Sunday.

    The Eastgate and Northgate Branches are open Monday & Thursday 11-8, Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday 9-6, Sunday 1-5. It is closed on Friday.

    The South Chattanooga Branch is open Monday, Thursday & Saturday 9-6, Tuesday & Wednesday 11-8. It is closed on Fridays and Sundays.

  3. What is STOR?

    Here is an abbreviation key to our catalog:

    STOR - Storage. These books may be checked out; they are kept in storage areas due to overcrowding.

    E - Easy books that are shelved with Children's materials

    EG - Eastgate Branch

    J - Juvenile Books that are shelved with Children's materials

    LH - Local History Department (3rd floor downtown) and are considered reference books so they can't be checked out.

    LP - Large Print books

    MAG - Magazines

    MAIN - Circulating and reference books located on the 1st floor at the Downtown Library

    NG - Northgate Branch

    R or Ref - Reference - these books cannot be checked out

    SC - South Chattanooga Branch

    S-C - Story Collection

    Y or YA - Young Adult (these books are on a reading level of 7th grade - 12th grade).

  4. Where can I find magazine articles?

    We have various resources to find magazine articles. There are several online databases to search for articles by subject, author, or title. Some of these articles are available full-text (see Databases on our home page). The Local History Department has 19th Century Guide to Periodical Literature. There are also various indexes for specific magazines such as The National Geographic Index.

  5. Where can I find local obituaries?

    Local obituaries are available in the Local History Department located at the Downtown Library. There is the Obituary File online. You can search for the date in which the obituary appeared in one of the local newspapers. However these obituaries are not full-text online. You can request a copy of the obituary by calling our Local History department at (423) 757-5317.

  6. Do I have to return my library materials to the branch where I first checked them out?

    You can return any materials to any of our branches. It does not matter where you first checked out the materials or to which branch the materials belong.

  7. How can I get something that your library does not own?

    We can buy for the library collection many items that you request! Please fill out a purchase request or call us at 757-5310 to make your request by phone. We do offer an Interlibrary loan service, if we cannot purchase the item you need. You can request materials through this service by filling out an Interlibrary Loan Request form and returning it to the library. The loan periods and cost vary depending on the materials requested and the library that owns the material. Most Interlibrary loans take at least two weeks to fill.

  8. How long can I check out materials?

    New books and high demand books (for example, summer reading books during the summer months) - 7 days.

    All other circulating books can be checked out for 28 days.

    Audio Materials are checked out for 28 days

    Videos are checked out for 7 days

    Magazines (from all branches except the Downtown Branch) are checked out for 7 days

    Renewals can be requested for as long as you still need the book. Items with holds may not be renewed. Patrons may check out up to 10 non-print items and a total of 30 items.

  9. How much are the charges on my library card?

    You can check for charges by calling the Circulation Department at any of our branches or clicking on "Your Account". Overdue fines are as follows:

    $.10 per day for books

    $.10 per day for audio materials

    $.10 per day for videos

    $1.00 for all overdue or lost notices

    The maximum fine is $10.00 per item regardless of the cost of the item or its format. You cannot check out materials or print from the library computers if you have accumulated $5.00 in fines or have 5 items overdue.

    Items returned in the book deposit after the library has closed are considered to have been returned before midnight prior to the day the library is next open.

  10. Does my card ever expire?

    Regular Chattanooga resident library cards must be renewed with address verification every three years. Regular cards for non-residents expire in one year. Temporary and Restricted cards expire in 3 months. If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can replace the card for a $1.00 fee.

  11. Do I have to have a library card to use the computers in the library?

    All visitors may use the Catalog Only computers without a card. Our electronic databases are also accessible from these. However, we have installed many other machines with extensive internet access and software that will require either a guest card ($1) or a library card. If you wish to print from the computers, you will be charged 10 cents for every page that contains printing.

  12. The Tennessee Electronic Library is asking me for a password....

    Please call or visit the library branch nearest you for more information about the Tennessee Electronic Library and the Gale Databases.

  13. Do you have word processing?

    There are computers with Microsfot Office available at all of our branches. There is a time limit on all our computers and you may reserve a specific time, if you call ahead at 757-5310. The computers will be shut down fifteen minutes before the library closes. The printing cost is $.10 per page. See Computer Services for more information.

  14. Is there wireless Internet access in any of the library buildings?

    Yes, all the branches can supply free wireless access for laptops and most mobile devices. An information sheet is available here and in the library to help you connect with your own wireless-capable devices.

This page was updated on 9/10/12.


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