Chattanooga Photo Database Order Form


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For image title, it is not necessary to write out the entire title.

For format, please specify if you want digital files on a cd. If you choose digital files, please give the type of file; options include tiff, jpeg, and Adobe psd.

If you have specific requirements, such as scanning resolution other than 400 dpi, a particular file size, or pixel dimensions, please indicate them in the Special Instructions column.

Prices are: $15 for a cd with up to 3 images, additional images $3 each. If you wish to have your order mailed please include $5 for shipping and handling. If an image is rescanned to a different resolution than 400 dpi or resized the cost is an additional $5 per image.

If you have questions contact the Local History & Genealogy Department at (423) 757-5317.